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Luke Brodrick - 160kg to Marathon Man

I have always been a big boy, and it got to me like nothing else.  I was sick of trying diets and never sticking to them or losing interest because it was the same stuff day in day out.  In Aug 2016 I had the Gastric Sleeve, and to be honest, I probably wasn’t going to change my outlook and would let the surgery do the most work……I’m glad this changed!

In Feb 2017, I met a family in Wagga, whose daughter Mia had PFFD (proximal femoral focal deficiency).  I had agreed (in a moment of weakness) to run a half marathon.  At that stage I knew I had 4 hours to complete it, so I was like, let’s do it.  What transpired after this was a will for getting outside, a will for exceeding my capability.  A will that I had never had before, and something I couldn’t let go of. 

In Aug 2017, I ran that half marathon and competed in just under 2 hours.  At this point I was addicted and was not turning back.  Sept 2017, I purchased my first pack of Revvies and it was love from there.  Revvies is more than a product, it’s a family of like-minded people that are there for each other and help each other achieve their goals.  I cherish my Revvies family and could not imagine getting where I am today without them.

I lost 85kgs, I have run 5 marathons, with my best time being a 3:30, I have run several half marathons with my best time being a 1:34:50, loads of 5km (20:00) and 10kms (41:37)

I’m currently in training for my first 50km, which will be at the Stromlo Running Festival in November 2020.  I will be using Revvies as I have done in the past and look forward to seeing what I can achieve.